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So after multiple delayed responses from a parts vendor in the UK, and the determination that the cost to replace both the chassis and the frame (among many other things) on the ’64 +4 was going to get very high before it would get anywhere, my father and I discussed shelving the ’64 +4 for the time being until other projects were done. However, we agreed that, for the sake of trying, I should ask around to see if there happened to be a +4 of that era around that could be bought as a source for those parts…

Well, after a few weeks of busy-work and some other things, we towed home a 1961 +4 that is, as we put it, “some assembly required”, but it is well together for the most part and in excellent shape. It cost less to acquire this vehicle than it would have to buy the chassis and frame for the ’64…

This is going to be the new MogRod.

But what about the ’64?

Well, on the drive up, my dad and I started scheming. Some of the original plans for the MogRod are going to come into play, and go a step further. We are currently strongly considering and researching the idea of building a custom chassis for the vehicle, and making an electric conversion for it. More info on that will come along as we make decisions (it helps having a friend who works at Tesla to go to for reference), but I think it has potential to be a radical ride in its own right.

For the time being, I’m moving along on the two F100 projects, and we’ve agreed that getting those moving forward is going to be the higher project vehicle priority. The ’53 may or may not get sold off as parts, as there’s potentially enough damage to the cab that it may not be worth our time and money, but that is going to be determined by input from a body shop.

Overall, I’m excited. This has potentially put me a year or two ahead on the MogRod project, and in a position to do some minor clean-up and actually start putting things together. It also means I’ve got a looooooot more parts I’ve got to sort through and store.

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