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A bit of a shift in the workload, as I’ve just made an agreement (with deposit) to sell the 1972 Airstream Ambassador.

The travel trailer was an ambitious project, to say the least. Originally I’d planned to make it into a custom car hauler for the Morgan, but discovering how relatively good condition it was in overall changed that into a ‘restoration’ project instead. After that dragged on, combined with a few injuries in the family and our waning interest in making use of it as a travel trailer, I set about selling it off.

It’s unfortunate that I won’t have completed this particular project, but it really was “one more thing” on an already overwhelming pile of things.

The couple that are picking it up have a interior design company, so it’s definitely going to be with a pair of dudes that have a good eye on things, from what I’ve seen of their work. Even they have admitted that their timeline may be a bit ambitious, but considering how straightforward much of the Airstream is once you get over the scale of it, I think they could manage to pull it off.

I may someday again consider getting another travel trailer, but it’ll have to be when life actually allows the free time to make use of it, and it’s probably going to be more on the scale of a “Bambi” model. Until then, this will definitely take some weight off my shoulders, visually clean up the property, and the money may well be going to help push the UK-based chassis maker get their butts in gear (dealing with them is still an on-going ‘discussion’ that needs to be resolved).

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