About the Morgan

Based upon the Chassis Record I’ve received from Morgan Motor Company, this is what the Plus 4 originally was spec’d out as…

1966 Morgan +4

  • Chassis # 6221
  • Engine # CT.65291 (on engine, 65291 on bonnet)
  • Model: Plus 4, 2 seater
  • Control: Left hand drive
  • Colour: Green, with black leather upholstry
  • Remarks: (options)
    • Fitted with wire wheels
    • Disc brakes
    • Tonneau cover
    • Heater
    • Air cleaner
    • U.S.A. Spec.
    • Wood-rimmed steering wheel
    • Seat Belts
    • Rear bumper
  • Gearbox # 3932 HR
  • Rear Axle # M65-403 (type 7HA)
  • Despatch Date: June 6, 1966

To see the actual chassis record that I received click here.

Ordered a “Chassis Record” a short while ago, awaiting its arrival. The “Chassis Record” arrived recently, will update this soon. Updated with “Chassis Record” information. I give credit and much thanks Martyn Webb, the archivist at Morgan Motors who collected this information and passed it along to me.

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