Outside Connections

Links to other pages and places of interest. If you’ve got your own car project, or something else of interest, and want to link-share, post up a comment on the main page.

Resources and Vendors:

Spray Technology – Family owned powdercoating business here the bay area. Joe’s done a lot of work for us for numerous vehicles; pretty much every single part of the ’70 Barracuda convertible I restored (including the unibody) went through his shop. They’ve done painting, powdercoating, clear coating, ceramic coating, and general media blasting / cleaning for us, always at a really good price.

Cultrag Performance – Formerly GM Parts House, a huge resource that I’ve used before from the Corvette Forum, Gene Culley’s online parts store is a great resource for anyone looking to get parts for their GM vehicle (even if it’s being ripped apart to serve as a donor car).

Painless Performance – A well known automotive wiring harness and kit supplier, source for the signal and headlight kits for the MogRod’s new harness.

Digital Guard Dawg – A local company that developed a simple, straightforward, and well-priced keyless ignition kit that I picked up for the MogRod. Most other manufacturers only offered kits that included keyless entry and other features I didn’t care for, or the design of their ignition setup seemed poorly thought out to me.

Advanced Laser & Waterjet Cutting – A local laser & waterjet cutting company that has initially provided me with a digitized scan of my dash for redesign, and will likely later be providing some custom parts for the MogRod.

Other Projects:

Green with Envy – A thread on the Polycount forum where I’ve covered the restoration of our 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible.

Airstream Ambassador – I picked up a 1972 Airstream Ambassador, will be talking about it on the AirForums.

Taurus’ 82 Camaro Project – My buddy’s taking his ’82 Camaro and swapping in an LS1, torque tube, and transaxle from a Corvette. I provided the transmission, torque tube, related wiring. Project’s currently on hold due to raising a family and such.

Bowtie 6 – Joseph Grant’s modified Triumph TR6 running an EcoTec setup similar to what’s going in the MogRod. Joe’s experience is going to become a huge source of reference for me going forward on my project.

Replica DB4 – If you read car blogs, or many other tech web sites, you’ve probably heard about this project. Ivan in New Zealand is 3d printing, piece by piece, an the entire body of a 1961 series II Aston Martin DB4 with the intention of using the printed car to make the ‘plug’ for a fiberglass mold.

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