The Plan

So the current gist of my plans for this project are as follows:

  • Upgrade / replace the original suspension See last bullet point
  • Upgrade / replace the original drivetrain with a more modern equivalent┬áSee last bullet point
  • Replace the wood frame and panels with metal surrogates – this is still up in the air, need to research pricing and viability
  • Add roll-cage hoops, preferably integrated into the new metal frame – this is still up in the air
  • Paint scheme is a silver / black combo, with the main body being silver and the fenders being black, still looking into color choices, as I don’t want to go straight silver / black – this is based off the “Lawrence Tuned” Morgan of the same era.
  • Current plans suggest finding a wrecked Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky and using it as the initial donor car for the drivetrain, suspension, and possibly electronics 2006 Pontiac Solstice acquired, will become the donor vehicle for engine, transmission, suspension, steering, rear end.

Overall, the idea is to keep the classic outward appearance, but under the skin have as modern a setup as possible. I really want this car to be a comfortable and capable daily driver that looks as out of place as any other classically styled car you’d see on the road today. Details on the various aspects of the upgrade will be updated as they get ironed out.

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