Still waiting…

What I had hoped would be a quick order and a big step forward on the project is dragging out indefinitely it seems.

The company in the UK I was going to order the new chassis, frame, and suspension from is dragging things out because of the chassis.

I’ve lost count of how many emails I’ve sent back and forth to both them and the chassis manufacturer trying to get through to them that I do not want a custom chassis, but they’re all hung up on the fact that I am going to be putting the Solstice engine and transmission into the vehicle.

I’ve told them, repeatedly, that I am not asking them to either modify the chassis or even worry about what I may or may not have to do to get the Ecotec installed, but that does not seem to be sinking in. It’s honestly rather frustrating.

I do have other places I could go, but going through this vendor is going to be the best option as they are located close to the suspension, chassis, and frame manufacturers, and in particular the frame manufacturer has been highly regarded by other Morgan owners.

Barring any unexpected financial issues or such calamities, if this hasn’t moved forward by roughly the end of January, I’m thinking I’m going to have to come on a little stronger and tell them to either move forward with the order or I’ll go elsewhere.

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