Fab-ulous weekend

So, some interesting progress this weekend.

I was recently introduced to John Buddenbaum, or possibly re-introduced as I believe we’d met previously, owner of Buddenbaum Fabrication in San Carlos. He’s an interesting individual to say the least, and by interesting I mean his garage / fab shop is something most car guys dream of. He’s also had some Bonneville experience, and in fact the reason I was able to meet with him on my busy schedule was he was in the shop taking the fire suppression system from that vehicle and putting it in his Morgan for track use.

Anyways, I visited him as it had been suggested he could possibly repair the front wing (fender) damage my original wings had taken, and for a good bit less than the ~$1k / each price I was looking at for a new pair. So taking those nearly 7 foot long fenders in our Avalanche, the only vehicle they’ll fit in, up to his shop for review, we determined he could get the repairs done.

While chatting with him about my project, it occurred to me that even though I’m ordering a new chassis, in the mean time I can use the existing chassis to begin mock-up for the Solstice motor and transmission mounts.

I will have to ask John the next time I’m at his shop if he would mind letting me take some photos to share with you folks.

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