A sad day.

I know I haven’t posted much of anything in a long while. Though I have been ever so slowly getting odds and ends done on the various project vehicles (the Morgans, the F100s, and the Barracuda), but nothing’s felt major enough of a milestone to make a post about.

But this post isn’t about me, it’s about Bill Fink, of MorganCars USA (aka Isis Imports). I just learned that Bill passed away. I deeply regret the many missed opportunities I had to meet him and, at the very least, thank him in person for being an inspiration for me. It was reading about his doing the Ecotec and LS swaps into Morgans that inspired me to begin this whole MogRod mess. I can’t speak from first-hand knowledge, but he was always spoken well of from any Morgan aficionado I’ve meet, and many would accredit him and his work with keeping Morgans available in the US.

As I never got to meet him in person, I can’t say much personally about him beyond my brief yet pleasant phone conversations, but my deepest condolences to his friends and family at this time for their loss.

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