Explorer Tear-Down, Part 1

Minor update, spent much of this past Saturday starting to go through the donor Explorer for the ’56 F100, the red ’97, to prep it for the swap. This involved pulling out the seats (front and back), the rear carpeting and some trim, front and rear bumpers, and cutting the parking brake line. The interior removal was mainly to reduce weight and gain access to the ten body-to-frame bolts, of which I’ve already removed three.

Still have to disconnect the electronics, brake booster from the firewall and ABS module, transmission shifter line, disconnect the radiator, and the biggest issue – drain and disconnect the A/C system. The compressor will stay on the engine as it will carry over to the ’56, but draining the coolant is something I’m not going to mess around with. Never mind the huuuuge fine I’d get if I just dumped it, that stuff’s dangerous. Trying to find a local mobile A/C service that I could get to work with me on that.

I have some photos and vids of the work done, but it’s not much to look at. I’ll likely roll it in with whatever comes of removing the rest of the stuff and the body from the Explorer, which may happen in the next few weeks.

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