Still Alive~

The cake isn’t a lie.

(Sorry if you don’t get that one, game industry joke.)

So, what’s been happening. Well, as I mentioned in my December post, my father fell and broke his arm. What’s happened since then is that we discovered that he’s had excess pressure on his brain, possibly for the past couple of years now. In fact, the excess pressure and resulting conditions (including issues with balance) may haveĀ caused his fall to happen.

My mother and I had for quite some time been concerned about how his mobility had been decreased; not enough that he wasn’t active, but he was noticeably slower and hunched over, and he shuffled his feet when he walked. So, a few weeks back my father had a hole literally drilled in his head, and a pressure valve that drains to his gut installed. He was home the following day, and I’m very glad to report that he almost immediately was back to standing upright and moving with a briskness to his pace.

It’s kind of a lucky break that he fell and broke his arm, because he could have suffered permanent brain damage if the pressure issue hadn’t been caught and dealt with, and neither family nor doctors would’ve thought that to have been the cause. Through all the stress work and life has been slinging at me lately, seeing him recovering and back to his ‘normal’ self has been quite a relief.

So, what’s this got to do with the Morgan? Well, that’s obviously been something I’ve been slacking on. I want to get moving on it again, especially with some recent decisions and discoveries I’ve made. However, the first order of business is going to still be the Airstream. After my father’s injury, and with how my life continues to play out, getting use out of the trailer is becoming less of a possibility. It, like the Morgan, has sat untouched since before my father fell, and after some recent discussions the plan has changed to that of “fix it up and sell it off”. I’m unfortunately going to have to redo work on the flooring as much of the tiles have lifted up. Once work (hopefully) lightens up in the next month or so, the plan is to try and tackle the remainder of the work and list it for sale before the summer’s too far gone.

As for the Morgan, selling the Airstream is going to fund a lot of that, especially now that my plans have shifted to fixing up the original chassis and using front and rear end upgrades that are available for the stock equipment. This is going to mean far less time, money and effort spent on trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ of a whole new chassis. The first order of business is going to be getting the chassis inspected and, assuming it’s undamaged or repairable, getting it straightened out. This is going to involve stripping down the chassis completely, so I may start tackling that around the same time I start working on the Airstream.

Anyways, a big wall of words, but just wanted to say that this project and myself are still alive and kicking, just swamped as of late. I look forward to working on the car again, it’s a damn fun project and I really have no one but myself to blame for the delays.

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