Winter Solstice

Wikipedia lists an alternate term for “winter solstice” as “hibernal solstice”, which I definitely think is an appropriate title. I am generally not a fan of cold weather work, especially so being a Californian, and ~45 degree F midday temps do not make me want to go work in the garage. My weekends have also been tied up with one of my hobbies, airsoft, so at least I’ve been somewhat active.

I’m going to have to make a point in the coming weeks to force myself outdoors and to get some more work done on the Airstream. About a month or so back my father fell and broke his right arm near the shoulder, and while he’s healing well he hasn’t been doing much, which means my motivator has been off the job. The weekend he fell I’d gotten the kitchen cabinet into the trailer and started modifying it to fit where it was going. I can probably get that further along / installed in a day, so I need to move forward with that. The sooner the trailer gets some progress, the sooner the Morgan gets some progress as well.

Speaking of which, at least two months (if not more) ago I took a borrowed plasma cutter to the Solstice and chopped up all the bodywork down to just the front and rear ends. Since I’m starting to consider not using those articles on the MogRod, I may cut those down further in the future. I will try to make a point of digging up the chop-up photos and posting some of those for you folks, I’ve been slacking a good bit lately on getting anything done on this project.

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