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A general lack of faith in humanity (or at least car salesmen)…

So, since I had the ’65 Volvo P1800 delivered about two months ago, I’ve driven it all of twice, and “driven” is a stretch. Once was babying from the street to our garage, the second time was one block out … Continue reading

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Adding some Swede steel to the collection

After much delay (due to the bank screwing up the wire transfer and the deep freeze holding up shipment), my 1965 Volvo P1800 has arrived! I’ve wanted one of these vehicles for a while, and after some recent things panning … Continue reading

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I’m sailing away~

So not much has happened on the car front over the past while. Between work being as busy as it has been, and the kitchen remodel and other projects eating up the weekends (and garage space), the cars have annoyingly … Continue reading

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Explorer Tear-Down, Part 1

Minor update, spent much of this past Saturday starting to go through the donor Explorer for the ’56 F100, the red ’97, to prep it for the swap. This involved pulling out the seats (front and back), the rear carpeting … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

Really glad to have the ’53 & ’56 F100 cabs and some other parts back from media blasting. Shop actually took care of delivery for us, will be getting some other parts (hoods, etc) for the F100’s and the Bronco … Continue reading

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A sad day.

I know I haven’t posted much of anything in a long while. Though I have been ever so slowly getting odds and ends done on the various project vehicles (the Morgans, the F100s, and the Barracuda), but nothing’s felt major … Continue reading

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+1 +4

So after multiple delayed responses from a parts vendor in the UK, and the determination that the cost to replace both the chassis and the frame (among many other things) on the ’64 +4 was going to get very high … Continue reading

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Streamlining the process

A bit of a shift in the workload, as I’ve just made an agreement (with deposit) to sell the 1972 Airstream Ambassador. The travel trailer was an ambitious project, to say the least. Originally I’d planned to make it into … Continue reading

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Still waiting…

What I had hoped would be a quick order and a big step forward on the project is dragging out indefinitely it seems. The company in the UK I was going to order the new chassis, frame, and suspension from … Continue reading

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Fab-ulous weekend

So, some interesting progress this weekend. I was recently introduced to John Buddenbaum, or possibly re-introduced as I believe we’d met previously, owner of Buddenbaum Fabrication in San Carlos. He’s an interesting individual to say the least, and by interesting … Continue reading

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