Cabin Fever

Really glad to have the ’53 & ’56 F100 cabs and some other parts back from media blasting. Shop actually took care of delivery for us, will be getting some other parts (hoods, etc) for the F100’s and the Bronco roof back this coming week.

We will more than likely be selling off the ’53 as my brother’s decided he’s not interested in having it.

I’m excited to have the ’56 cab back, having all the rattle canned paint and other gunk off it shows how little damage / rust there actually is. Need to start scheming on getting the body off the donor Explorer, not being able to have friends over definitely will make that more difficult, but it’s still doable. Will likely be putting together an ‘initial parts’ order soon for things like door hinges and other core hardware so that I can throw it all together.

A pallet of parts also came back, including stuff for both +4’s. I need to follow up with a few folks regarding those two. The ’66 will be back-burnered for a bit, and the ’61 is going to become a bit of a test mule. My father’s interest in doing an electric conversion to the ’66 now that it’s his again has rubbed off on me, so now I need to start looking into what I can source for the drivetrain for that.

As for the Ecotec, that I’ll be holding on to. I made the mistake of watching a Youtube vid the other day about a Volvo P1800 (the one that The Saint drove), and I know where one that needs a lot of work is located in the area. If / when we sell off the ’53 F100 I may try to pick that P1800 up and stow it away. There’s already been a couple of folks who’ve done Ecotec swaps on those, and I would not complain about having a vehicle like that at all.

Stay safe everyone!

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