Adding some Swede steel to the collection

After much delay (due to the bank screwing up the wire transfer and the deep freeze holding up shipment), my 1965 Volvo P1800 has arrived!

I’ve wanted one of these vehicles for a while, and after some recent things panning out was able to afford looking for one. After much searching I found this black with red interior 1965 Volvo P1800 located in Illinois. Title history for the vehicle shows it was actually out in California not more than two years ago, so the body’s in overall really great shape. Have to sort out a few things but it’s in good shape otherwise, should have it cruising soon.

I’ll post up more about it and some other recent updates on the Morgans and other vehicles in the near future, been incredibly busy with work and other things lately (as always), but trying to make progress on multiple fronts.

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