Measuring up

Well, been asking around for the past while, and so far no luck on getting any kind of external resources for the Pontiac’s drivetrain mounting information. Polaris wouldn’t divulge info, Pontiac wouldn’t divulge info, and even GM’s Archive wouldn’t say any more than “sorry, can’t share that info with you.”

It’s been a slow few months on the Airstream as well. I managed to get the interior painted, but haven’t been able to get the spare time to sand / seal / cover the wood floorboards. It’s spent most of the winter with the interior under tarps (and the extended awning).

The ’86 Corvette, which I still need to sell, still needs to get the paint touched up. It’s mainly been because we’ve been so busy at work that I’ve been working weekends while trying to have some kind of life outside of work.

The lack of progress on my projects has me rather frustrated. I’ve had to remind myself frequently on the Airstream that most of the other owners I know who’re working on theirs are retired, which is why the make so much more forward progress than I have. I’m hoping to start taking some measurements on the Solstice chassis soon so I can at least mock that up in Solidworks to the extent that it may help with the Morgan’s chassis design. The sooner I get the info I need from it, the sooner I can get rid of the hunk of metal that was the Solstice and clear up some space around the place.

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