Some simple cleanup

Just some more pulling and prodding on the Morgan this time. Tackled the floorboards and the driveshaft, and vacuumed up the piles of debris and rat crap that had accumulated around the that area as well. Nothing too major, just moving along on the original frame.

Looking over the original frame, my father and I determined there wasn’t quite as much damage to it as we supsected, so the idea of someday restoring the actual original Morgan setup was seriously discussed, but that’s for another time. At some point, hopefully soon, we will be taking the front and rear assemblies off the original frame and getting it media blasted and rust inhibiting coating put on to protect it from any further ravages of ‘car cancer’.

The other photos you’ll see are from taking a look at the Solstice up on my two post lift. That was actually done a few days prior, but I only just got the photos off my phone. Of particular interest are the two photos of the left and right side rear frames – take note of just how angled over the left side is where the car was hit.

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