Hot Rods & Custom Classics

Lucked out big time today. The weather’s been sunny most of the past week, and then the skies opened up and it deluged all weekend. However, for a few hours today the sun came out, so I decided “screw it!” and scooted on over to Pleasanton for the Good Guys car show. Gotta say, very glad I went.

I managed to meet up with a few parts vendors and get hands-on with stuff for the MogRod, so now I know which style of gauges I’m going to be getting. Also found some local sources for chroming and other goodies.

Seeing as the weather has thoroughly soaked the grass and scared away a lot of the attendees, there weren’t that many cars on display. The real lookers were, as usual, indoors, so I snapped a few photos of them to share.

The real gem of the day, though, was found when I walked through the parts corral. Chevrolet Performance had a display booth / truck set up with a few vehicles and motors on display. A green ‘hot rod’ caught my eye, and I noticed that the motor seemed pretty small compared to all the LS blocks littered about. I read the plaque and was surprised to find that the ‘repro rod’ was running a turbo’d 2.0L Ecotec block… so of course I snapped up a bunch of reference photos of the intake and such.

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