Wires everywhere!

Another multi-day post, this covering the whole weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were, for the most part, spent cutting down the Solstice ‘interior’ wiring harness to just the bits I needed. As you can see in the photos below, I took out quite a bit. Most of what’s there still is for the pedals, but there’s a few other bits related to things like the cruise control, ignition, parking brake lever, and fuel tank / pump. Those were left in mainly so it’s easy to replicate / replace them when the items get carried over to the MogRod.

One thing worth mentioning was that Bill Wilson, the local Morgan owner I met recently, stopped by with his wife on Saturday to check out my Morgan and the rest of our garage setup. It was great to see him again, and I’ve got some more things to follow up on with him in future (like the possibility of a wood frame available locally).

After some back-and-forth posting over on Joe’s ‘Bowtie 6’ web site, I’m going to be reading up on the Solstice’s cruise control system to see what’s needed to carry that over to the MogRod setup. It seems the main point of interest for that is the BCM (Body Control Module), and what’s needed from it.

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