Rearrange and clean up

So this post actually covers today and the past ~ week.

We start with rearranging and cleaning up the general work area. For too long we’ve had piles of car parts out along the back walkway of the house, consisting of Solstice, Bronco, Morgan, and evenĀ a few Barracuda parts that have collected and sat. We decided it was time to clean up that mess and get things organized and out of the way. The timing was good on this as I’d just removed the whole wiring harness from the Solstice, so the main body could be moved aside and not be an issue.

We cleared up the shop lift area, and the space between the lift and the fence was deemed “car storage central.” The Solstice was rolled out there, still on dollies unfortunately, and put into place. I then proceeded to build up the two-layer shelving you’ll see in the photos below. Once that was in place I moved the Morgan panels to the top shelf and the mountain of Solstice parts to the lower shelf. Then I lobbed off the front of the Solstice frame ahead of the steering, and used the newly opened space to stack and store my project Benelli motorcycle.

The Solstice out of the garage, I moved all our major tools back in and set up a table with a door on some saw horses. This is where today’s work went into action. I started disassembling the Solstice’s wiring harness down to the major sections; once I had the engine bay harness off, I started picking through it and removing sections deemed ‘unnecessary’ for the final build. As I went through identifying parts, I labeled both the ones I was keeping and the snipped-off ends of the ones that were removed. There’ll be more in-focus cleanup to happen when this all goes back onto the engine, but that likely won’t be until the engine’s in the Morgan. A few bits gave me some trouble identifying them, but that turned out to be A/C related connectors, which were, of course, removed as well.

At this point the ‘engine’ harness is pretty much sorted out, next up will be the harnesses for things like the pedals and, should I feel up to it, the cruise control system.

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