Dewired, Tired, Inspired

Two notes for the day~

Decided to get something done with the car(s) today, and chose upon getting the wiring harness off of the Solstice. Well, a few hours later, it’s off, my arms are cut to ribbons, and I feel a small sense of accomplishment.

In other news, a random meetup with a friend I haven’t seen in a while led to me meeting today with another local Morgan owner. My father and I had a nice chat with a Mr. Bill Wilson, who has a pair of Morgans which I stupidly didn’t take any photos of. I’ll remedy that the next time I meet with him.

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2 Responses to Dewired, Tired, Inspired

  1. Martin says:

    Hi James. It’s your plastic delivery guy. 🙂 I just found the piece of paper you wrote your website on while sifting through the paperwork on my desk. Now I can follow along.

    Take care and I’ll see you on the next delivery of PVC-C.


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