Caution, your firewall is disabled.

I’d managed to test-drive the Barracuda yesterday (new power steering setup), so that freed up my plans for today. Decided to dig in to the Morgan, instead of putting the suspension together on the Solstice. The firewall and transmission cover were my goals for the day, and those goals were met!

Most of the work centered around getting all the remaining bolts and items holding the firewall to both the frame and the center insert. Turns out there were a lot more bolts than I expected, but for the most part they came out pretty easily. The small bolts holding the inner and outer firewall together turned out to be a bit more difficult, but since I wasn’t planning on reusing them, the air-powered cutting disc made short work of all them.

Before I could remove the firewall, I had to feed all the wiring harness back through it. I didn’t want to cut it up in case I want to use any of it for reference (not likely, but may as well put the effort in). Upon finishing up fishing all that mess back through, I gave the firewall a good tug and it popped right out along with the center insert. I snapped a few shots of them and put them out in storage for the time being.

The transmission cover only had a few small screws holding its two pieces in place, and after a few minutes those too came free and the pieces were removed. Now I’ve got a good view of the whole drivetrain, and I have to admit, seeing the transmission set back from the bell housing does indeed look quite odd. It’s going to be interesting fitting the Solstice’s transmission in, and I’m just hoping it’s not so wide as to compromise what little footwell space there is in the car.

Next up in my plans will likely be back to the Solstice to start getting it ready to be a rolling chassis again.

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