The Solstice starts losing it’s cool(ing)

Really tore into the Solstice today. Started by removing the pedal assembly, which will be carried over to the Morgan. The drive-by-wire system should set right up in its new home none the wiser. After that, I removed the clutch slave, brake booster, and ABS module. After talking with a few folks, I’ve come to the decision to not bother with carrying over the ABS; our Barracuda is a tank compared to even the Solstice, and that stops just fine with a basic drum brake system, so the lighter Morgan will do fine with discs all around.

Done with those bits, I quickly removed the windshield wiper assembly, and then proceded to remove the plumbing for the AC system and the radiator / fan. None of that will be carried over to the Morgan. I also fed the steering shaft back up through the firewall, and may hold onto it for use with the steering setup for the Morgan. From there, the last big item of the day was the AC compressor, just three bolts and it was out… except I don’t know how the hell a mechanic could get at those three bolts with the car still assembled. It must cost an arm and a leg in labor costs to replace an AC compressor on a Solstice…

Next in line will be the prep work for getting the cabin off of  the chassis, though that will involve moving the Solstice back to the shop lift so I can make sure there’s nothing on the underside of the car that I need to worry about.

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