Chill out and unwrap.

Got home in a funk from a boring and tedious day at work, decided to just get wrenching on something, and that something turned out the be the Solstice. I started off with emptying the A/C system, which actually had a lot less in it than I thought. After that was emptied out, I disconnected the coolant lines from the heater and pushed the unit off of the firewall. Once out, I moved to pull the rest of the wiring through the firewall. This entailed disconnecting a few items and feeding it all through a few inches wide hole. All the while, I moved around and disconnected other items, like the windshield washer fluid unit and a biggie, the large bolts holding the cabin frame to the chassis. The cabin will be removed and chopped up for recycle, with a few select pieces being held on to for either reference or to transfer over to the new setup for the Morgan.

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