Even the weather’s fighting me.

I was hoping to have a covered area for working on the MogRod, Mother Nature decided otherwise. The area where the Morgan, the Solstice, and all the related parts are currently stored was in a fenced off area which we’d hung a few tarps over.

I say “was” because the rather severe rain storms we’ve had recently pulled half the surrounding fencing down and took the tarps with it. Fortunately the parts and such didn’t get damaged or, as far as I can currently tell, waterlogged. It seems our attempts to set up the tarps such that they wouldn’t hold water backfired. The sheer amount of water that deluged us, combined with rather high tie-off points along the fence, resulted in the tarps retaining enough water to bend and finally snap off a number of the posts at their bases.

After discussing our options, my father and I determined the best course of action would be to repair the fence and take a “lean-to” approach to how the tarps hung from the side of the house. We’ll likely drive stakes into the surrounding yard and tie off the tarps to those in a direct line from the roof’s edge, instead of draping them over the top of the fence. Hopefully this will result in a dry(ish) work area for me to move forward on the project.

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