Casting call (continued)

One step forward for the custom emblem designing!

After dinner I went out to the garage and checked on the mold material, and it appeared to have cured completely. After some prying with a flathead screwdriver I managed to get the glued together ‘frame’ peeled back, and the whole mold came out in no time.

I cleaned up a few little bits of debris that had pulled off the emblem and stuck to the mold, then mixed up a batch of casting resin and poured it on in. A few bubbles were worked out with a small nail, and now it’s another day’s wait for the casting to cure and pull that on out!

For anyone interested, the mold making material is Tap Plastic’s “Silicone RTV Mold Making System”, and the resin is their “Clear-Lite Casting Resin”.

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