Seeing clearly and digitally

Couple of updates for tonight.

First off, a shiny new “rear script” emblem showed up in the mail Thursday. The original has the “n” snapped clean off and nowhere to be seen, so this will serve as a replacement. It will also be scanned in and turned into vector art for my own uses and to share with the Morgan owning community.

Next up, the Morgan’s original dash (pictured below on my ‘new’ Corvette hood) is off at Advanced Laser & Waterjet Cutting to get scanned. They’ve got the tools to scan the whole thing and digitize the shape, so I can reproduce it on the CNC router at work. I’ll be using their waterjet services in the future, but the dash has rounded edges and other feature that they can’t do, plus I’ll be redesigning it some and will have to clean up the outline.

Following that, as you’ll see below, I got the emblem out of the mold! It’s still slightly flexible after two days of curing, so I’m going to let it set out on the countertop over the weekend before I start attempting to clean it up any. It turned out quite nice, despite all the imperfections of the original (combined with this being the first time I’ve ever made a casting like this). I need to read up some on how to properly ‘fix’ the casting, since it’s taken long enough to get to this point that I don’t really want to mess it up.

Finally, on an interesting point, I’ve found out there’s a company in the UK that makes fiberglass “wings” (fenders) for the Morgan. I’m attempting to get a hold of them as I may be interested in just getting brand new fiberglass fenders (possibly front and rear) as opposed to currently spending the money to repair the originals. Both front “wings” have damage from the original accident, and the passenger’s side (left hand drive) is significant damaged on the leading edge. I have great quality rear fenders, so those may stay as metal, we shall see!

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