The part where…

My weekend gets ruined by the weather. I couldn’t go to Vette Magic on Saturday because of the rain, and had to make the decision to not take the Barracuda to the Mopar Alley Rally this year because of the strong potential for rain on Sunday. That last bit really hurt, I’ve worked on that car for thirteen years, and now I’m going to have to wait another year to show it in that event. Good Guys was also this weekend… so technically I missed out on three car shows in one weekend.. Huzzah.

In Morgan related news, a little to report. I dug through a bin of parts and found one of the two bullet-shaped front fender light assemblies, and one of the four glass glass covers for the indicator lights. I’ve yet to find either of the brake lights… However.. hang on.. just had a thought…

Nice. Just went digging about, found a bunch more of the lighting housings. Seems one of the two front indicator glass housings is broken, one of the brake signal covers is missing, but both rear indicator housings and recepticals are there. A number of the chrome trim bits are damaged, and those that are usable will likely be painted instead of chrome. Obviously after this much time I’ll need new gaskets, time to start sourcing those bits. I’ll likely be doing all the lighting with LED assemblies to garauntee visability.

Overall, despite the setbacks due to weather, a moderately successful weekend.

Oh yeah, anyone know where the heck the battery is on one of these cars?

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