We’ve all got wheeeeeels~

The wheels I bought from a Saturn Sky forum member (almost a month ago) showed up today. Big thanks to my uncle Forry for holding on to them for so long and handling them getting shipped out here!

Picked them up from the local Greyhound Express shipping depot, damn good deal on shipping that way, and they only took a few days to go halfways across the country. Turned around and dropped them off at Roman Tires near San Jose Intl Airport, and for only $220 got a set of four tires mounted and balanced. After getting home this evening, I wiped the rims down and gave them a good coating of black Plasti-Dip on the front face to keep it clean and protected.

If I manage to find a can of red Plasti-Dip around this area, I’m going to mock up the idea I had for two-toning the wheels.

Priority for this weekend is to get the wood frame off of the Morgan and get it soaking up that epoxy sealer, if that gets done with time to spare I’ll start tacking getting the wheels on the Solstice chassis.

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