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It’s pretty cool when you can email up the ‘company historian’ of a car company with questions about your car, hear back right away with useful answers, and know that the guy not only dug through records, but actually talked to folks on the assembly floor (who may have even built your car).

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  1. Dan says:

    Wow, that’s pretty damn cool. Especially for a car of that age. Hell, I wrote Best Buy 3 days ago, and still haven’t heard from them.

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Yeah, and this was some random stuff I was asking, too. It was about whether side mirrors and an radio antenna were factory-installed options (particularly the location of the mirrors). Turns out both were occassionally requested, but neither were listed for my car. This is good as the mirrors are kind of useless way out on the front fenders, and I’m not planning on installing a stereo, so the holes for both items can be repaired and I won’t be removing a ‘factory item’ from the car.

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