Wires, wires, everywhere!

Today was a simple chore… start pulling the remaining bits from the firewall… which meant feeding the wiring through it. I started working my way through the gauges, and eventually got them out (may have to make some kind of wall display for them). All the switches and toggles on the center panel have a veritable rats’ nest of wire going to them, and even though I won’t be reusing the setup that’s there, I’m taking my time cataloging everything so that I have it for reference. This ended up meaning I only got the gauges out today… and have a bucketload of photos of wires to share with you (bet you’re jumping for joy about that).

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  1. Dan says:

    Geez, I feel overwhelmed, and I’m not doing the work 😉 It’s funny how easy it is to forget how easy things have become in newer cars. Can you imagine if we still ran individual wires for all the relays and modules, with all the components in today’s cars?

  2. Ted Rose says:

    Hi James,
    I realize this is an old post but I have a question about your dashboard. Cruising around on the net it is the only one I have found that is the same as mine. I have a 67′ Plus Four(6477) and it is identical to your’s except for the colour. On our dashes at the bottom left, just below and over from the choke, there is another hole. On mine it is there but empty however in one picture of your’s there is a switch or something there. Can you tell me what it is?
    After much thought(ongoing!) I’m doing a basic rebuild on my car which has been sitting for about 27 years although I did consider a complete makeover like yours with modern mechanicals.


    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Hi Ted,
      I asked up on the TalkMorgan forum about my dash, and the result was this breakdown of the various buttons, knobs, and switches. Hope this helps!

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