Pulling (even) more stuff off…

Minor update, got the driver side fender support off tonight. This side proved to be a lot easier, about half the bolts running along the bottom didn’t have nuts on them and the rest came apart relatively easily. At some point I somehow managed to gouge off a rather large chunk of flesh off my left middle finger knuckle… with how rusty this car is, it’s probably prudent of me to check up on when my last tetanus shot was. I may upload some shots of the support later, if nothing else for reference of what the driver’s side of the engine bay looks like exposed.

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4 Responses to Pulling (even) more stuff off…

  1. Joseph says:

    Very nice, i suggest Admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  2. Craig Sargent says:

    I would love to see photos the piles of parts that have collected from both cars.

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Well, what you’ve seen so far from the Morgan is about it for that car. The Solstice is a proper pile of stuff, which I really need to go through the photos of, get prices for, and try to start selling off.

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