Not much

Haven’t touched the MogRod since the getting the EcoTec motor mounts in the mail; between a few remodeling projects, work getting incredibly slow (yet still keeping me busy), and a number of other things, I haven’t really had time to poke around on it.

This isn’t wholly surprising, as where I’m at now with the project would require my full attention since the chassis building is getting ready to begin. I honestly can’t say when things will pick up again, and for a short while there looked to be a possibility that I would have to unload the project as a whole. That, fortunately, has passed, though things could still change in the near future that would potentially put the brakes on the project for months or even years.

It’s a number of things both in and out of my control that could either eat up my time, cause the project to be put into storage, or potentially have me leaving the area for work, but all in all I still think about the car on a regular basis. When I started on this I was really hoping to plug away at it and have the car done within a few years, but life seems to want to drag this out… hopefully this car won’t turn into another Barracuda project, cause that’s not what I wanted at all.

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