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Time to blow some cobwebs and dust off the old site. The Airstream’s been coming along decently, at the point where I’m getting ready to pull back out most of the interior to lay down new flooring.

But you don’t check out this info because of an Airstream, you want to know about the Morgan. Something interesting’s come up regarding that.

One of the biggest hang-ups I’m currently facing is getting the mounting point info from the Solstice’s hardware to translate that into something I can use for the Morgan. Ever heard of the Polaris Slingshot? I know of them, have seen them in person, even seen them on the road. What I didn’t know? Most everything on there is essentially sourced from the Pontiac Solstice. The work’s already been done. Now I’ve got the task of seeing what kind of info I can garner regarding that chassis… maybe even get my hands on one.

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Airstreaming It

So I picked up a 1972 Airstream Ambassador today. Scored it for only $800 from the tow yard a friend of mine works at. I’ll post up about it on here on occasion, since it will become another one of my project vehicles. The link here and on the “outside connections” page goes to the AirForums thread I started about it. Essentially it’s a 29′ long rolling hotel. It’s dirty as heck right now since the previous owners’ last hurrah with it was to take it to Burning Man 2014, but it should clean up well.

Part of why this is being shared here is that the long term plans are, should I decide after a couple years of trying out travel trailering that I enjoy it, I will gut / modernize the trailer to some extent and get my own tow vehicle (instead of using my parents’ Avalance). That tow vehicle would have to be something that can both haul the trailer and carry the Morgan on its back as well. The idea is, haul the two to some nice place (like Napa) for a ‘long weekend’ and go cruising with the Morgan instead of the tow vehicle.

As for the Morgan, currently a lot of the bigger remodeling projects around the house are either winding down or past major hurdles, so soon I should be able to really start working on that again. As it is, I will soon (possibly this weekend) be going through the huge pile of Solstice parts I’ve been holding on to for no reason and getting rid of them. Once I manage to sort out the clutch issue on the ’86 Corvette, I will be able to move the Barracuda on top of the car lift and put the Morgan and Solstice chassis in the garage for measuring and designing of the new MogRod chassis. (huzzah!)

Airstream @ tow yard Airstream @ home

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Even the weather’s fighting me.

I was hoping to have a covered area for working on the MogRod, Mother Nature decided otherwise. The area where the Morgan, the Solstice, and all the related parts are currently stored was in a fenced off area which we’d hung a few tarps over.

I say “was” because the rather severe rain storms we’ve had recently pulled half the surrounding fencing down and took the tarps with it. Fortunately the parts and such didn’t get damaged or, as far as I can currently tell, waterlogged. It seems our attempts to set up the tarps such that they wouldn’t hold water backfired. The sheer amount of water that deluged us, combined with rather high tie-off points along the fence, resulted in the tarps retaining enough water to bend and finally snap off a number of the posts at their bases.

After discussing our options, my father and I determined the best course of action would be to repair the fence and take a “lean-to” approach to how the tarps hung from the side of the house. We’ll likely drive stakes into the surrounding yard and tie off the tarps to those in a direct line from the roof’s edge, instead of draping them over the top of the fence. Hopefully this will result in a dry(ish) work area for me to move forward on the project.

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Part of the reason for downtime on this project…

Stingray washed

Like I said, I had to get a replacement for my poor 2001 ‘vert. I’m happy with the choice…

As for the MogRod itself, we’re still in the middle of some big remodeling projects around the house which have been taking up nearly every one of my weekends since I got back from picking up the Stingray. There’s a huge pile of wood and building material blocking my access to the Morgan and Solstice, but that will hopefully start dwindling away in the next couple of weeks.

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Radio Silence

So it’s been kind of quiet on here for the past few months, mainly due to a large amount of household remodeling that’s taken up my weekends and being at work til relatively late on a regular basis. On the 27th I’m going to be in Bowling Green, Kentucky to pick up my new Corvette, and then road-tripping back for the next two weeks. Hopefully, once a bit more of remodeling around the house is out of the way after I get back from that trip, I can start focusing on the MogRod again. I’d really like to make some more progress while the summer weather’s in effect.

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MOG Magazine article

I’ve got the article about the MogRod uploaded and available for those of you without access to the magazine. James Ball from MOG Magazine was kind enough to send me a digital copy of the article and allowed me to host it here. Enjoy!

MOG Magazine March 2014 – California Reincarnation

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Greetings MOG Magazine readers!

Just want to say “Hello!” to anyone stopping by the site after reading the ‘California Reincarnation’ article on my project in MOG Magazine. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to ask any questions you may have either here or on the project’s Facebook page (linked on the right side).

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Beginnings of a chassis

First shot of my design on the chassis. Really basic at this point as I’ve just put down the box for under the cabin area. We need to get the garage remodel finished so I can get the Morgan chassis indoors and get access to the Solstice chassis as well.

02212014 chassis01 img01

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Just some more updates

Heya folks, figure I’ll dish out some updates for you on various things.

First things first, those LED taillights. I finally got around to running the circuit board on the CNC router, and despite a mishap I’ll probably be soldering those soon. The mishap may actually have been a small bit of luck. What happened was the router bit snapped off when it was cutting out the individual pieces; it’d hit on the edge of one of the screws. This may have been a good thing as it looks like the perimeter cutout path was a bit close to the actual screw holes. I’ll end up using the already cut out boards as a template when it comes to that, and cut / sand them to shape.

Next up, the chassis. I won’t be moving the chassis indoors just yet as we’ve got another couple weekends worth of garage work to do, and may need to move the Barracuda out of the way. That being said, I’ve started doing some really rough mock-ups in Solidworks off of the measurements I was able to get this past weekend. I need to get access to the Solstice chassis as well at this point for rear end and steering / suspension measurements.

Also in regards to the MogRod, I’ve talked / interviewed with Mog Magazine recently and should be getting an article about the MogRod in the near future. Definitely looking forward to that!

And now, the big news. As of yesterday, I now have a deposit placed for a 2014 Corvette Stingray. The plan is to do a museum delivery at the end of May, all being well, and then cruise on home from Kentucky, with a side-trip up to Minnesota for a cousin’s wedding. The car will be a 2LT Z51 with performance exhaust and magnetic ride suspension in Night Race Blue with a Kalahari leather and suede interior. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

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An uplifting weekend

Adding to the constant list of things that keep me from moving forward is recent garage renovations we’ve started on. Part of that work is to move the storage space from above the secondary garage / work shop to over the main garage. It’ll require a good bit of framework added to above the main garage to support the weight, but will clear out the space over the secondary garage. The other thing this allows us to do is add a four post lift, and that’s what this weekend consisted of for me.

We had a DirectLift Pro Park 8S dropped off this past week, and I got it all laid out and set up this weekend. Once the rest of the framework is removed and the garage door set to run up along the ceiling, the Barracuda will be stored on top and the lower space will have the Morgan chassis rolled in for me to start measuring it again.


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