Still Alive~

The cake isn’t a lie.

(Sorry if you don’t get that one, game industry joke.)

So, what’s been happening. Well, as I mentioned in my December post, my father fell and broke his arm. What’s happened since then is that we discovered that he’s had excess pressure on his brain, possibly for the past couple of years now. In fact, the excess pressure and resulting conditions (including issues with balance) may have caused his fall to happen.

My mother and I had for quite some time been concerned about how his mobility had been decreased; not enough that he wasn’t active, but he was noticeably slower and hunched over, and he shuffled his feet when he walked. So, a few weeks back my father had a hole literally drilled in his head, and a pressure valve that drains to his gut installed. He was home the following day, and I’m very glad to report that he almost immediately was back to standing upright and moving with a briskness to his pace.

It’s kind of a lucky break that he fell and broke his arm, because he could have suffered permanent brain damage if the pressure issue hadn’t been caught and dealt with, and neither family nor doctors would’ve thought that to have been the cause. Through all the stress work and life has been slinging at me lately, seeing him recovering and back to his ‘normal’ self has been quite a relief.

So, what’s this got to do with the Morgan? Well, that’s obviously been something I’ve been slacking on. I want to get moving on it again, especially with some recent decisions and discoveries I’ve made. However, the first order of business is going to still be the Airstream. After my father’s injury, and with how my life continues to play out, getting use out of the trailer is becoming less of a possibility. It, like the Morgan, has sat untouched since before my father fell, and after some recent discussions the plan has changed to that of “fix it up and sell it off”. I’m unfortunately going to have to redo work on the flooring as much of the tiles have lifted up. Once work (hopefully) lightens up in the next month or so, the plan is to try and tackle the remainder of the work and list it for sale before the summer’s too far gone.

As for the Morgan, selling the Airstream is going to fund a lot of that, especially now that my plans have shifted to fixing up the original chassis and using front and rear end upgrades that are available for the stock equipment. This is going to mean far less time, money and effort spent on trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ of a whole new chassis. The first order of business is going to be getting the chassis inspected and, assuming it’s undamaged or repairable, getting it straightened out. This is going to involve stripping down the chassis completely, so I may start tackling that around the same time I start working on the Airstream.

Anyways, a big wall of words, but just wanted to say that this project and myself are still alive and kicking, just swamped as of late. I look forward to working on the car again, it’s a damn fun project and I really have no one but myself to blame for the delays.

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Winter Solstice

Wikipedia lists an alternate term for “winter solstice” as “hibernal solstice”, which I definitely think is an appropriate title. I am generally not a fan of cold weather work, especially so being a Californian, and ~45 degree F midday temps do not make me want to go work in the garage. My weekends have also been tied up with one of my hobbies, airsoft, so at least I’ve been somewhat active.

I’m going to have to make a point in the coming weeks to force myself outdoors and to get some more work done on the Airstream. About a month or so back my father fell and broke his right arm near the shoulder, and while he’s healing well he hasn’t been doing much, which means my motivator has been off the job. The weekend he fell I’d gotten the kitchen cabinet into the trailer and started modifying it to fit where it was going. I can probably get that further along / installed in a day, so I need to move forward with that. The sooner the trailer gets some progress, the sooner the Morgan gets some progress as well.

Speaking of which, at least two months (if not more) ago I took a borrowed plasma cutter to the Solstice and chopped up all the bodywork down to just the front and rear ends. Since I’m starting to consider not using those articles on the MogRod, I may cut those down further in the future. I will try to make a point of digging up the chop-up photos and posting some of those for you folks, I’ve been slacking a good bit lately on getting anything done on this project.

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Good Guys

Past week’s been an enlightening one. I’ve come across some potential upgrades for both the suspension and lighting (LED headlights!) that could come in to play, but more importantly I’ve finally had a chance to meet with another local owner.

First off, I’ll mention that I took a break from the weekend work last weekend and checked out the Good Guys car show in Pleasanton last Saturday. That, as usual, netted me a bunch of shiny eye candy, plenty of “wouldn’t that be a cool project” discussions with my father, and some inspiration for keeping an open mind to the idea of building a custom chassis still. Apologies for a lack of photos, but I’ve seen so many cars over the years that I’ve taken a kind of “enjoy it with your eyes, not the camera lens” approach to car shows as of late.

The next day I took a cruise over to Santa Cruz and met with Phil, owner of a ’63 Mog with a Honda S2000 motor. He’s currently got it mostly apart doing a bunch of fixes to questionable work a previous owner had done. However, he had a wealth of information to share with me, and hopefully some of the few items I’ve passed back to him will come in handy. I definitely consider him the luckier of the two of us, in no small part because his Mog’s wood frame was in one piece and in great shape. Seeing the frame in such condition, though, makes me think I could tackle rebuilding the MogRod’s frame with very little parts sourced from vendors. I really dug his custom motor mount setup, a design I readily admitted I’d be referencing for dropping the Ecotec into the MogRod. He also had a set of the “Super Sport” seats that I’d heard about and seen online, so it was nice to see them in person. Certainly look forward to meeting with and chatting with Phil again in the future, definitely someone I could stand to learn a lot from!

Super Sport seatMotor Mount ECU mounted Engine bay Center frame

I’ve also created a MogRod instagram account. Will need to finish setting it up, but it’s linked on the right side now.

In Airstream news, the wood flooring was well soaked in water sealant and I’ve begun to put the tiles down. It looks so nice in there!

A journey of a thousand tiles begins with a single placement. #airstream

A photo posted by James Flaagan (@jeflaagan) on

Several tiles later… Still have the perimeter to sort out. #airstream

A photo posted by James Flaagan (@jeflaagan) on

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Status Report, Mid-August 2016

Sorry for a few months’ silence, been busy. We’ve been spending a number of our weekends on house remodels and such, but I’ve got updates for the MogRod and some other things.

First, the Airstream. That’s picked up again, since some of the major remodeling projects (such as installing French doors to our patio) are done, my father’s helping out with that. Currently he’s working through sanding, filling, and prepping the wooden sub-floor for a new vinyl flooring I’ll be putting in. I just reinstalled the screen door with new screen material, and will soon be putting new screen into the rest of the windows. Making progress, and with any luck in the next week or two the new flooring will be in so the interior pieces that have sat for over a year can go in.

Next up, the Solstice parts car. I actually have a lot of footage and photos of my using a borrowed plasma cutter to chop up the car frame. Apologies for not posting that when it happened (over a month ago), just haven’t felt like putting time into vid and photo editing lately. The main chassis, though, is all chopped up and disposed of. The front and rear ends I held on to, for both measurements and to make it easier to move them around.

Following that, I’ve almost ended up with another project vehicle. I know, like I need something else. Met with a friend of a former neighbor recently who has a ’65 Volvo P1800, the coupe model, not the station wagon. It needs a good bit of work, though, so I’ve told him for the time being to keep me in the loop in case anyone else approaches him on it. It’s one of the few, if only, Volvo’s I’ve ever considered good looking or stylish, and I’d love to get my hands on it. However, I can’t spare the time, space, or money til I get some of our other projects out of the way. Fingers crossed that happens at some point, though!

The Barracuda will soon be going in for a rack and pinion steering swap, transmission servicing, and a smaller radiator. I got tired of replacing the factory power steering, and after the third unit I’ve installed started crapping out recently I said screw it and paid for the replacement unit myself. It’d be in already, but Year One neglected to mention when I ordered the radiator that it’d be a four week lead time… that was over two months ago. They were annoying to deal with when Paddock Parts was still around, now they’re just arrogant towards their customers.

Finally, the MogRod. So, I’ve had some insight recently. Thinking about the Volvo as a project made me realize that I’m just constantly delaying moving forwards on the MogRod because of this whole “design a new chassis” idea. So, what I’ve come to the conclusion of on that is that I will not be making a new chassis for the car. Instead, I will be fixing up the original chassis. I am going to be in contact with a few people regarding the Ecotec swap, as I’m still interested in that, but seeing as it’s already been done with the stock chassis, I see no reason to beat myself up about it any more. At this point, I need to finish pulling the car’s chassis apart and get it cleaned up. Hopefully this will happen in the next month, but moving forward with the Airstream is taking precedent at the moment as we’d like to try and make that usable before the summer months end.

Hopefully more frequent updates about the various projects will be the norm again, it helps keep me focused.

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World Wide Morgans

My good friend Kyung is over in Japan on vacation. He’s a fan of the Morgan as well, and was previously able to get me a ride in a new 3 Wheeler. Well, just got a message from him with a couple of photos…

Japan Morgan 01 Japan Morgan 02

Yup. That’s a new, right hand drive, Morgan.. cruising around downtown in Shinjuku, Japan. Out of place and looking all the more awesome because of it.

In MogRod related news, I’ve got the front and rear of the Solstice chassis free of the main body, and most of the main body chopped up at this point. I’ve been recording video of the chop-up, will try to get that edited into some kind of a short video in the near future. Trying to move forward on the project some, especially since there’s now a possibility we may end up moving in the coming months.

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Maybe I should sue? I am American, after all, it’s what we do.

Well now… seems someone at Morgan Motors likes the idea of what I’m calling my project.

Not quite what I’m looking to build, but good grief that’s awesome. As far as April Fools jokes go, that takes the cake.

And some more good stuff:


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No, we’re not addicted to Corvettes, why do you ask?

If the title doesn’t drop a hint, I don’t know what will.

My father just decided to sell off his 2006 Cadillac XLR and buy a 2002 Corvette automatic convertible. It’s got only 12k miles on it, everything’s like new, it’s got a nice aftermarket exhaust, and I’m going to town on the ‘upgrades’ and minor fixes. I’ll be chipping in on paying for the car since I’ll be likely driving it more than he will, and buying the upgrades (sound insulation, upgrade modules, etc) will fall on me. The car will be replacing my Stingray as the commute vehicle, so that one’s earned a ‘garage queen’ status after over 24k miles in less than two years.

I have to say, it’s awesome to have C5 Corvette in the house again, feels like ‘being home again’ for driving a car.

2002corvette_01 2002corvette_02

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Measuring up

Well, been asking around for the past while, and so far no luck on getting any kind of external resources for the Pontiac’s drivetrain mounting information. Polaris wouldn’t divulge info, Pontiac wouldn’t divulge info, and even GM’s Archive wouldn’t say any more than “sorry, can’t share that info with you.”

It’s been a slow few months on the Airstream as well. I managed to get the interior painted, but haven’t been able to get the spare time to sand / seal / cover the wood floorboards. It’s spent most of the winter with the interior under tarps (and the extended awning).

The ’86 Corvette, which I still need to sell, still needs to get the paint touched up. It’s mainly been because we’ve been so busy at work that I’ve been working weekends while trying to have some kind of life outside of work.

The lack of progress on my projects has me rather frustrated. I’ve had to remind myself frequently on the Airstream that most of the other owners I know who’re working on theirs are retired, which is why the make so much more forward progress than I have. I’m hoping to start taking some measurements on the Solstice chassis soon so I can at least mock that up in Solidworks to the extent that it may help with the Morgan’s chassis design. The sooner I get the info I need from it, the sooner I can get rid of the hunk of metal that was the Solstice and clear up some space around the place.

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Polar opposite

Time to blow some cobwebs and dust off the old site. The Airstream’s been coming along decently, at the point where I’m getting ready to pull back out most of the interior to lay down new flooring.

But you don’t check out this info because of an Airstream, you want to know about the Morgan. Something interesting’s come up regarding that.

One of the biggest hang-ups I’m currently facing is getting the mounting point info from the Solstice’s hardware to translate that into something I can use for the Morgan. Ever heard of the Polaris Slingshot? I know of them, have seen them in person, even seen them on the road. What I didn’t know? Most everything on there is essentially sourced from the Pontiac Solstice. The work’s already been done. Now I’ve got the task of seeing what kind of info I can garner regarding that chassis… maybe even get my hands on one.

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Airstreaming It

So I picked up a 1972 Airstream Ambassador today. Scored it for only $800 from the tow yard a friend of mine works at. I’ll post up about it on here on occasion, since it will become another one of my project vehicles. The link here and on the “outside connections” page goes to the AirForums thread I started about it. Essentially it’s a 29′ long rolling hotel. It’s dirty as heck right now since the previous owners’ last hurrah with it was to take it to Burning Man 2014, but it should clean up well.

Part of why this is being shared here is that the long term plans are, should I decide after a couple years of trying out travel trailering that I enjoy it, I will gut / modernize the trailer to some extent and get my own tow vehicle (instead of using my parents’ Avalance). That tow vehicle would have to be something that can both haul the trailer and carry the Morgan on its back as well. The idea is, haul the two to some nice place (like Napa) for a ‘long weekend’ and go cruising with the Morgan instead of the tow vehicle.

As for the Morgan, currently a lot of the bigger remodeling projects around the house are either winding down or past major hurdles, so soon I should be able to really start working on that again. As it is, I will soon (possibly this weekend) be going through the huge pile of Solstice parts I’ve been holding on to for no reason and getting rid of them. Once I manage to sort out the clutch issue on the ’86 Corvette, I will be able to move the Barracuda on top of the car lift and put the Morgan and Solstice chassis in the garage for measuring and designing of the new MogRod chassis. (huzzah!)

Airstream @ tow yard Airstream @ home

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