Shoulda, woulda, Cuda

So this past weekend was a major milestone for one of our other vehicles. For the past ~15 years I’ve been rebuilding a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible from the ground up. This is something I’d started on in high school and have started winding down the list of gremlins.

Well, this past weekend, I finally drove the car to the Mopar Alley Rally at Ohlone College. It’s a once-a-year Mopar-only car show put on by a local club, and I’ve been wanting to take the car to it for years. The past few years have had one issue or another (rear axle breakdown, weather, etc etc etc) keep us from taking the car. This year, we almost didn’t take it because we got out of the house so late. In fact, it was only through the courtesy of the folks in charge that we even got in (didn’t register or compete for a trophy, just showed the car). Ironically, the spot I parked it at was right next to another Barracuda I’d seen being worked on by a local shop. I didn’t get to meet the owner, but I can sort that out later.

The cuda definitely got plenty of attention, especially when I was rolling through the middle of the show to the display area. I think it’s a mix of the exhaust and the color that made it stand out so much.

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  1. Dan (notman) says:

    LOVE that panoramic shot

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