Here’s your sign…

Well, someone just saved me a lot of headache.

Along with those windshield wiper gears I got off of Ebay a week ago, I also found and bought a reproduction “Morgan Sales & Repair Centre” sign from another seller. As with all Ebay purchases, as soon as I won it I immediately paid for it, no need to delay something you’ve waited for… or so I thought. I expected a day or so delay getting it shipped, but by the end of the week I still hadn’t seen it marked as “shipped” or any tracking info, just a generic “you can expect your product within a week” comment that seemed to be put up by Ebay and not the seller. I messaged the seller on Friday… no response the whole weekend.

So I messaged them again on Monday, and again no response. The end of the “expected delivery” period was tomorrow, so I was willing to give them one more day. Well, luckily for the seller and myself the sign showed up today, which is good. I really didn’t want to have to deal with Ebay customer service over this.

The odd thing is, the whole time I was waiting, the seller was getting positive feedback saying “great product, quickly shipped, great communication”, which struck me as odd.

Oh well… anyways, the sign’s here, looks awesome, can’t wait to get it up in the garage.

Oh, yeah, by the way, the sign’s 4′ wide by 1′ tall… no reason to go small!

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