Dazzled by the lights…

Just shelled out almost $600 on all-new lighting fixtures for the MogRod. I ordered new front signal, rear signal, brake light, and headlight assemblies for the car from Morgan Spares.

I have some of the original lighting fixtures, but they’re all in a state of disrepair. Getting new fixtures will not only improve the overall appearance of the car, but also allow me to modify the signal and brake fixtures for LED lighting without damaging original parts.

I decided to return the halogen headlights I ordered since I’m not satisfied with the build quality or appearance, and because I can just use the forward signals instead. ¬†I’m still sticking with not putting the fender-mounted¬† bullet-style signals on for the time being. I need to find a quality set of 7″ round, glass or quart curved-lens, H4 halogen headlamps to use with the car, so the hunt for the best looking, working, and priced set begins!

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