Mystic blue smoke

So today was spent digging around online finding potential new switches for the central dash panel, may have found a good source that I’ll be following up on.

In other news, I decided to look into the windshield wiper motor, since that’s going to be one of the ‘original style’ things I’ll be retaining on the MogRod. I pulled the original wiper motor out of the storage bin, cobbled together some wiring to the points, and with my mom’s help, went over to the Bronco’s battery to test it. Well, things went as you would expect with a 50 year old piece of Lucas electrical equipment… It worked for about a split second, sparked, and let loose a large amount of the “mystic blue smoke.” Looks like I’m going to need one of these…

Luckily, I’ve already found a company here in the US that handles rebuilding these things, so I’ll be contacting them to see about pricing.

Also of note, since the cost to replace / repair the small fender mounted “bullet” shaped indicators is a bit high, I decided to get a set of halogen headlights with integrated signals in them. I’m also looking into some Painless Wiring harness sub-assemblies for things like the signals and headlights so I don’t have to worry about sorting out those things.

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