12 Bolts

Just 12. That’s it. 12.

That’s how many bolts were holding the wood frame to the chassis, and all twelve of them are out now.

The only thing holding the frame to the chassis right now is gravity.

I was a little worried that the rotted sections of the frame would fall apart, but other than getting a facefull of dust when I hammered out the bolts, the frame held together. I’ll be placing a lot more of that support latticework you see around the dash area around the rest of the frame just to shore it up. All being well, we’ll be moving the wood frame off the chassis this weekend so I can start soaking it with that epoxy sealer to try and save what remains.

I mentioned to my father about how many bolts there were, and he made some comment again about ‘kit cars’… I pointed out to him that our ’68 Ford Bronco has fewer bolts holding its entire cabin to the chassis.

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2 Responses to 12 Bolts

  1. Dan (notman) says:

    Ha, these days, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there are only 12 bolts in your whole car. They rely too much on slot/hook connections, or plastic ‘christmas trees’. I remember TRYING to take the dash off my ’76 Malibu, and after taking our around 50 screws/bolts, it STILL wouldn’t come out (and I finally gave up on it).

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      I had a small mountain of rather beefy sized bolts when I was done hacking away at the Solstice… not sure how many are on the ’86 or ’01 Corvettes, but it’s not that many there.

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