The emperor’s got no clothes!

Really tore into the Morgan this Saturday. Pull all the loose body panels off the car and set them under th awning out back, and then spent the whole evening getting the ‘dash panel’ removed. That will make up the list of parts that are going to the body shop (eventually), with the remaining panels going to powdercoating only (most likely).

The dash panel proved to be quite a bit of work. Never mind that it actually wraps all the way down and halfways along under the door, but it’s wrapped over the edges of the wood frame and nailed and / or screwed to the frame as well. Most of the nails and screws came out relatively easily, usually just a slight bit of prying and then I could pull them the rest of the way out with a pair of pliers. Around the driver’s side door the frame is still in great condition, but the passenger side frame proved to be all but a lost cause. Pulling out a fist-sized wasps nest was only the begining, and you can see in some of the photos just how rotted the frame is around that section. The passenger side door hinges didn’t so much unscrew from the wood frame as just fall right out.

I managed to remove the passenger side wiper arm and disassemble the gearing easily enough, but the driver side one just wouldn’t come apart. I eventually gave up and cut and pried apart the mechanism enough to remove it, so that’s something else I’ll have to sort out replacing. Granted, I’m not likely to drive the thing in wet weather, but best to have a working setup anyways. The little nubs for holding down the tonneau cover proved stubborn but all came off eventually, however the bolts that hold the windshield frame proved too much trouble, so we’re picking up a nut-cutter to just break them off… that just sounds wrong.

Oh yeah, and you can see me sitting in the car in the few photos. Without any of the seat framework in there, I tried sitting down on the floorboards, which proved to be too damn low. Leg space is a bit cramped, but passable, especially after I get a smaller steering wheel. What I did find amusing is that sitting at about the ‘normal’ height (if the seat was still in) gives me just a few inches above my head to the roof frame, but this should be plenty. Honestly, I’d only be driving this thing in pleasant top-down weather anyways, but it’s┬ánice to know that I can put the roof up if so desired.

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6 Responses to The emperor’s got no clothes!

  1. Dan (notman) says:

    I love seeing most of the sheetmetal on it (even if it’s just laying there). It helps give a visual of the eventual shape.

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Yeah. One of the earlier photos (probably the first or second post), has the car just sitting there with everything loosely sitting on it. Seeing that keeps reminding me why this is gonna be such a cool project to finish.

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