Who needs termites when you’ve got a hammer?

Posting this two days late, but finally started really tearing into the Morgan on Sunday. I was originally planning on going to the Good Guys show in Pleasanton, but was so wiped out from airsoft on Saturday that I stayed home.

I started by removing the divider panel that goes between the roof storage area and the rest of the rear of the car, then proceeded to spend many hours (and bloody knuckles) getting the gas tank disconnected from the wood planks it was bolted to. Rather amazing to discover the tank still has fluid in it after this many years, though I doubt you could call it gasoline.. much less ‘fuel’.

Must say I was quite surprised to discover the chassis of the car is u-channel and not box tubing. This actually has me really concerned about how much damage the accident the car was originally in has done to the chassis. That being said, after talking with my father, at this point it’s almost garaunteed that I will use the Morgan’s original chassis as a template and build a new one. This will have two benefits: first, it will get rid of any potential damage that the accident caused; second, it will allow me to make the changes and customization necessary to support the Solstice’s drivetrain and suspension without having to modify the original chassis.

Saving the original chassis, as well as any of the wood frame, is going to result in a rather large box of parts, but I’ll worry about that when I get that far along. As it is, I think I’m gonna to have to order up a few of the “kit car how to” books I’ve been eyeing for a while…

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