Gas n’ Dash!

Very productive weekend indeed!

Saturday consisted of draining and cleaning out the fuel tank from the Solstice. Ended up getting about 7 – 10 gallons from the thing. All of it went into our “lawn mower” fuel cans cause we’re sure as hell not putting stuff that’s sat around for who-knows-how-long into our cars.

Sunday returned us to our regularly scheduled tear-down, with a continued focus on the dash area. I disconnected the turn signal and light controls from the steering column, and that allowed me enough space to pull what I’m calling the “under-dash” off and get it stowed away. I also managed to remove the A/C ducting after bending an upper support for the dash frame out of the way. I would have liked to have removed the whole A/C system to sell, but that will have to wait for a later date. As it is, I came to find out that the dash frame also includes the supports for the pedals, steering column, and has a nifty box frame section over the center console, so that whole section will either be grafted into the Morgan or reproduced and put into it so I can reuse the pedals and steering system.

Once I get the A/C system out from the dash, that should be the last of the interior I need to remove. I will go over the engine bay for items to sell off (windshield wiper reservoir, etc), and then move on to the Morgan. I need to start getting the rear axle / fuel tank area sorted out, and the sooner I know whether I can reuse the Solstice’s fuel tank the better.

Oh yes, and a word of advice: don’t use a rag, particularly an oil-soaked one, to cover things you want to protect from sparks from a side-grinder… it’s not a good idea if you want to avoid small fires. Fortunately nothing but the rag burned, but still…


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