Mad dash to the finish!

Well… not so mad, really… and the finish is far from in sight… but I did start pulling the dash and all its parts off the Solstice!

The ‘boomerang’, as it’s called, was the main goal for the night. It’s the darker colored main insert / section of the car’s dash. The posts on the forum about how tense it can be removing that piece weren’t kidding. I’ve got a number of people interested in buying it off me, and every *pop* and potential *break* noise had dollar signs flying away in my mind. Fortunately, the worry was for naught, as the whole thing came out eventually, and in one piece!

I also removed the factory stereo, the ‘passenger grip’, the trim and bezel around the gauges, and the shifter knob / trim / bezel. I took plenty of photos of those pieces, but no point in posting them here, it’s mainly for when I go to sell the parts. I did take one photo of the resulting carnage to post up here, and you can compare to the previous day’s photo to get an idea of how much I removed. I’d really like to get the whole dash out soon and start selling off those pieces.

One thing I noticed was that the headlamp controls are on the steering column. One of the things I’d like to do is carry over the ‘automatic headlamps’ to the Morgan so that they come on… automatically.. when it gets dark. I’m going to have to dig into this some more, I might be able to jumper that option to always be on, and just have an alternate switch for the headlamps to manually turn them on.

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