Diggin’ in.

Not much to report for today. Mainly I took out all the parts that had been piling up in the ‘interior’ area of the Solstice, cleaned and photographed them for resale, and stacked them up elsewhere for the time being. I pulled out some of the carpeting and a panel or two, but didn’t get into pulling out the dash like I’d hoped.

I’m getting a lot of messages over on the Solstice Forum about interest in parts, though many are for items that either aren’t on the car at all or I haven’t taken off yet (with a few being things I may need).

I was originally going to cut out the whole seating area of the Solstice as soon as possible, but I may leave it in place for the time being for various reference points. Also, I forsee myself saving most of the driveshaft tunnel, seeing as there’s mounting points built into it for the shifter, parking brake, and a few other items. That may just get transplanted right into the Morgan to save a lot of time and effort.

All in all, a mildly satisfying amount of progress. Also, the more I see the bared structure of the Solstice, the more I feel this is going to be a much more ‘easier’ transplant than I originally expected… here’s hoping that’s the case!

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