Hack and Gas

Quick bit of work for today, attempted to empty the gas tank and hacked off the frame from behind the axle on back. We were going to drain the fuel tank after I got the fuel pump removed, but found it too heavy to tip, and we somehow didn’t have enough tubing around to do a gravity siphon. I closed it back up and we’ll get some tubing from work on Monday. As for the back of the car, just grabbed the Sawzall and cut away a big ol’ chunk. Now I’ve got a better look at how everything’s set up.

At this point I can either remove stuff from the back of the Morgan to start doing comparisons and measurements, or continue clearing out the Solstice, though to do the latter I’m going to need to find somewhere to move all the stuff I’ve already removed… or just start actually getting it sold off… which would be nice.

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