Solstice Tear-down, part 1

Started pulling apart the Solstice today, got the hood, door, and rear bumper off, as well as a bunch of other small bits. The more I dig into this car, the more impressed I get with GM’s engineering with them. There was the odd problem off it’s tendency to lean towards the front driver’s side corner, which definitely made moving it into the garage a chore. Took about a good hour or so to move it in, and I haven’t sweated so much in a long while. I’m properly beat after this weekend.

I took plenty of photos of the parts, and mom took a few of the move itself, but all I’ve got for you guys at the moment is the Solstice and Morgan crammed into the garage.

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4 Responses to Solstice Tear-down, part 1

  1. Dan (notman) says:

    Wow, I decided to drop by the site this weekend, and was surprised at the progress. A wrecked solstice? Interesting choice for a parts car. What made it the choice, over an older (less computerized) car?

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Isis Imports inspired that decision. Bill Fink came up with the idea for swapping in a C6 Corvette motor for the Plus 8’s and an Ecotec motor / transmission swap (from a Solstice or Sky) for the Plus 4’s. While there will definitely be a bunch of technical issues to sort out before the swap’s done, in the long run a more modern system under the hood should provide a more convenient ride. There are actually a number of items I’m going to try and swap over, from small things like the “twilight sentinel” which automatically turns on the headlights at night, to big items like the rear differential and ABS. Some things may not make it over for technical or price reasons, but I’ll tackle those items as they spring up. I actually have a spare rebuilt motor for the Morgan, but I’ll probably sell that off. No need to hold on to two when I’m sure there’s someone who needs or wants one of them.

      • notman says:

        Interesting. Actually, for some reason, I thought the Solstice was a 6 cylinder. It’s a shame that these cars were killed off though, just because both brands were ended.

        I’m interested in seeing the electronics conversion. I know how the ABS module is tuned to the tire size/rotation, and I’m assuming other modules are just as touchy.

        Are you going to adapt the suspension in too?

        • flaagan flaagan says:

          I will be attempting to carry over the tire size to the Morgan. The Solstice’s tire size is not much larger than the Morgans, so I should be able to make it fit. I’m going to see about adapting the suspension over as well, especially since it’s key to the IRS setup if I want to carry that over.

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