Well, in a rather unexpected turn of events, the past few days have provided a few ups and downs. I found, on Craigslist of all places, a parts car for the engine / trans swap. After a bit of back and forth I purchased this wrecked Solstice for two grand from a fellow in San Jose. I’ve seen the car running (with the rear… wheel.. turning), so soon I shall start yanking off everything I don’t need to get down to the core vehicle. This was a majorly good find, especially since just the motor alone usually goes for a few grand without any of the wiring harness.

In other news, I posted up on the Solstice forum recently about getting a shop manual, and have already been told off by one individual there that the idea of using the independent rear suspension and axle setup from the Solstice just wont work… we’ll see about that. I see no reason to pass on at least looking into the possibility. I obviosly don’t want to make it a nightmare for the project, but I don’t think it’s as bad a situation as that individual lets on.

Also, I’ve been in contact with the Morgan factory, and not surprisingly some folks there aren’t too keen on the idea of the plans I have for the vehicle. I’m working on a well thought out reply to their concerns, as I’d like them to not feel put off by my intentions. Besides, keeping on good terms with the makers of the car you’re working on definitely can be a boon when you need help or information.

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