End of year post

I’ll start with the broken record: work’s been busy, plenty of other around-the-house projects keeping me busy, and despite months of therapy and a cortisone shot right into my shoulder, my right shoulder still has limited range and plenty of pain.

I have a couple of quick photos. I built a temporary garage last weekend to house the Morgan and all its parts. I still need to finish pulling the frame apart, but at least this way everything will be kept out of the elements. Additionally, a few weeks back I did a test case of polishing a panel on the Airstream, and for the quick ten minute polish and clean the results are both promising and encouraging.

Going forward, working on the Airstream may be a higher priority, as it is my hope to have it ready to sell by this coming summer. The money made off the trailer will help fund the more costly items for the Morgan, like bodywork and final paint.

Additionally, there may be another vehicular addition to the family in the near future if things work out. Fingers crossed, and I’ll keep you guys updated.

See you next year!

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