World Wide Morgans

My good friend Kyung is over in Japan on vacation. He’s a fan of the Morgan as well, and was previously able to get me a ride in a new 3 Wheeler. Well, just got a message from him with a couple of photos…

Japan Morgan 01 Japan Morgan 02

Yup. That’s a new, right hand drive, Morgan.. cruising around downtown in Shinjuku, Japan. Out of place and looking all the more awesome because of it.

In MogRod related news, I’ve got the front and rear of the Solstice chassis free of the main body, and most of the main body chopped up at this point. I’ve been recording video of the chop-up, will try to get that edited into some kind of a short video in the near future. Trying to move forward on the project some, especially since there’s now a possibility we may end up moving in the coming months.

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  1. Steve says:

    Haven’t lurked about in a while, & decided to see what you were up to. I always wondered how long your dad would have kept the Cad’. Still remember when hen’had’ to give me a ride home from the Bagel Shop. Just so he could show me the keyless start! After having something I scrawled, get nicked, sue the buggers! You have the evidence of using Mogrod. Settle out of court for technical help & maybe some NOS parts. If there are any left. Say “Hi” to all!!

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