Beginnings of a chassis

First shot of my design on the chassis. Really basic at this point as I’ve just put down the box for under the cabin area. We need to get the garage remodel finished so I can get the Morgan chassis indoors and get access to the Solstice chassis as well.

02212014 chassis01 img01

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3 Responses to Beginnings of a chassis

  1. Steve says:

    Recently, I ran across chassis photos of Lotus / Caterhams (older) & UK Clubmans cars. If I can remember where I stuck them, I’ll pass them on. My fear is they are on the “crashed” Window$ desktop pc.

  2. Steve says:

    One other little thing. In the high tech world, this may sound a bit odd……………make a balsa wood / glue model of the chassis. Many cars, including one I helped construct, started out on a kitchen table. What in can show you is an immediate weakness in flex (longitudinal) or torsional rigidity. Or, so far, the possibility of the main floor box becoming a parallelogram under load. A race car with a full cage can, almost, eliminate the problem. You will need address that one. After yo get close on the gearbox crossmember. Twaddle brought to you by no sleep.

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