England Green

Ok, first off, sorry about a lack of updates on the Morgan. Since work still has me busy all day and I’ve got a number of remodeling projects around the house, haven’t had the time to move forward on the LED signals or get started on the chassis related works. Those will hopefully be moving forward soon.

Anyways, I’m pretty ecstatic right now. I just received the pdf proof of the two page full color article that is being published about the Barracuda in American Car Magazine (UK magazine) on the 24th. I’ve wanted to get something written about that vehicle for a while, and I never thought that getting something written about the MogRod would result in that happening. I’m attaching a link to the article below, and will be trying to get a hold of some family in the UK to arrange getting a few copies sent over. Yeah, I’ve got a big grin on my face right now!

American Car Magazine – Barracuda Article

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6 Responses to England Green

  1. Dan (notman) says:

    Congrats on the article. Maybe they’ll return later for the Morgan 😉

  2. Steve says:

    I thought it was about time to snoop, & see what’s going on. Silly question for you, “Have you figured out what to do about a flasher unit, for the LED lights?”. From what I have read, the low voltage draw an leave the turn signals not blinking. If memory is correct, Moss has the correct unit. I’ll send you an e-mail regarding where everyone has migrated to since the BB shut…………..Cheers!

    • flaagan flaagan says:

      Hi Steve!

      Yeah, my dad and I stopped by BB this past weekend, really sad to see they ended up closing up shop, was the best damn bagels around. 🙁

      I picked up a LED flasher harness / module from Painless Wiring (along with a number of other items), so that’ll be handling the signals. I’m fixing up the ’86 ‘vette now and getting LED tail lights for that, so that’ll be getting its own LED module as well.

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